There is only one tool you need for peace..

Meditating, view on Robben Island.
Meditating, view on Robben Island.

You want happiness? You want peace? Ask yourself: “Do I listen?”

Do you want it for yourself only or also for others?

Do you understand that your peace depends on the peace and happiness of others?

The greatest obstruction for peace and source of conflict is not to Listen!

Do you consider yourself in power? Do you consider yourself a person bearing responsibility?
Or are you just busy with what is yours and you don’t listen.

Leaders and politicians, do you understand that your are responsible for the happiness of all?

When will we listen and understand that it is the responsibility of each one of us.

But if our leaders don’t even give the example, how can they expect people to learn how to contribute to peace. Or do we Life in a world where the people that are paid to contribute to happiness and peace don’t listen anymore to the people suffering!

Do you recognise this?

Usurpers set themselves up as lords and kings, states run by pretenders and plotters set up armies to make themselves superpowers. Increasingly they imitated one another on this, and their posterity followed their example. Eventually the engulfed and destroyed each other, colluding with larger territories and annexing smaller territories, passing years in violent military operations, filling fields with bloodshed. Fathers and sons were nor secure with each other, brothers were not secure with each other, husbands and wives separated – no one could safeguard their Lives. Virtue disappeared…”

On my path of helping people and the study of conflict and peace, I stumble into the book of 2000 years old of Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”. I didn’t like the title… So it stayed in my library for many years without opening it.

In the book is a part about Confucius. The great humanist philosopher and educator who spent his Life working against the deterioration in human values that marked the fall of his society into centuries of conflict.

Very few people of the time listened to the pacifistic humanism of Confucius.

Some say they did not listen because they could not implement the policies advocated by Confucians; others say they could not implement the policies because they did not listen, because they did not really want to be humane and just.

There is a moment that Confucius left.

I guess because he knew that you can not force people to listen. You can just advice and write on peace. If it doesn’t get to them Life will teach them. Life always corrects what is wrong.

In Life you can trust.

By experience I lived that not only usurpers but in general, people in power, politicians don’t see themselves like wrongdoers when they consciously do things that don’t contribute to peace. Even when they did it unconsciously they will say after the facts: ‘I did not know’, ‘that was not me’ as if they were not suppose to know of that specific responsibility in power. What else are you doing there, in power, than to contribute to the welfare of all people and children and not only your own children…

How can their own children live in peace when the parents in power only were doing everything for their own children. What with the other children? You did maybe many good things but you created already a conflict for the next generation. And if you didn’t mean it that way, learn from your mistakes and be hard on yourself because the happiness of people lays in yours hands.

You are in power. So you are even more responsible to watch your words… and to Listen. Certainly to people suffering!