The education business, threat to peace!

Just reading in a book of 2013 that student debts in USA totals 800 billion $. More than the total credit card debt of all Americans.

Imagine! Education is a big business. 

Combined with the fact that some people can pay and others not for education is social injustice and a cause of suffering! 

Maybe they also will be taught that some people can pay for clean air, clean water and others not.

How can you expect peace by creating stress and differences from childhood. 

I never understood why people have to brag about the education they got or the school they went to.

While, to be humble and compassionate, one of the important qualities in Life, is NOT teached in most expensive private schools. On the contrary! 

And imagine students going for loans to pay to learn to contribute to a business system, not to Life.

Poor dangerous minds.


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